Data Protection

Data Protection

ProLink IT - Professional Data Security Consultants Salt Lake City

Your company data. It's as important as any other asset that exists within a company, but it's not always protected with the same vigilance. ProLink IT Solutions can implement a plan to keep your company running in the face of almost any disaster.

For the last few years, the number of Data security consultants in Salt Lake City has been rising constantly. Data Security Consultants provide professional help in inspecting, safeguarding, and protecting your important information that is sensitive. Insecure business processes, ignorant employees and poor security tools can result in loss of important information and a professional data security consultant can help you with this. Data security consultants in Utah help businesses by integrating the security programs to reduce the risk of data loss. Their services also include development of efficient Data Loss Prevention programs, classifying and protecting information and DLP management services.

ProLink IT Solutions are the best data security consultants in Utah, who have the best techniques and knowledge to reduce and control the frequency of data breaches. Our team works by identifying the most valuable assets of your business, providing a safety look and monitoring to provide a quick response to any information breach. Our all clients have always received the best services from us and get the best protection for their businesses. Custom data safety services by ProLink IT Solutions will help you by making a risk-balanced strategy to optimize the data loss prevention and encryption.

Business Continuity Plan

  • Application outage recovery
  • Site disaster planning
  • Physical security

Secure Cloud Backup

  • Secure Cloud to Physical backup
  • Hybrid backup for physical and virtual servers

Offsite Backup

  • Cloud backup solutions
  • Co-located Servers
  • Offsite Replication

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

  • Physical and Virtual Server Replication
  • Pysical to Cloud Replication
  • SAAS solutions

"ProLink watches out for its clients. The company recommended that we purchase a back-up device that literally saved the day a few weeks later when a programming error resulted in the deletion of several files. We were back up and running a few hours later, as if nothing had happened, thanks to ProLink's recommendation.
- Innophos Nutrition