Hardware & Software Support

Hardware & Software Support

ProLink IT - Hardware & Software Support Services

Response time is everything when it comes to IT support. We have a passion for exceptional customer service and a proven track record of quick response to help-desk requests. Our technicians solve a wide variety of IT issues, including: hardware, software, and cloud-based services.

Our technicians not only solve your problems, they also help you discover solutions that increase the reliability of your technology services. We understand that your business relies on technology, and when it isn't working well, it costs you money. Our technicians work to eliminate downtime, keeping your IT infrastructure productive and profitable.

A good hardware and software support is very vital for an effective and smooth business's information technology. An efficient hardware and software support is very important to make sure that your work is completed successfully without any problem. Software support is necessary because these software's are updated regularly which can improve their security patches. Now it becomes very difficult for a whole computer network of a business to keep it updated and so, a good software support company can keep your software's up to date and well maintained. Similar can be case with hardware. Memory chips, modems, hard drives and motherboards may need timely upgrades to resolve conflicts with other devices and adding new features. Updating hardware requires knowledge and precision as incorrect adaptations can be very harmful. Overall, hardware and software support may include Memory chips,Motherboards, CPU's, Graphics cards, Main supplies, speakers, data ports, web browsers, graphic design software's, content management, emails and security software's. Contact ProLink IT Solutions to get the best hardware and software support in Salt Lake city at the most reasonable prices.

Our Solutions

  • Macintosh and PC workstations
  • Server Support and Maintenance
  • Printers and Scanners
  • Custom Software Support
  • Telecommunication
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Security, Firewall Support & Management
  • Cloud Services
  • Accounting CRM
  • ESXi & Hyper V

"Whenever we have a question about hardware or software, we turn to ProLink. The company always offers great expert advice. This includes everything from printers and phones to computer programs and tablets. They have kept the prices low and made the purchasing process smooth and simple."
- Garbett Homes