Industry Nonprofit

Industry Nonprofit

Pay it forward. Non-profit groups operate on this concept to help those in need. ProLink IT Services gives back to organizations that give back with competitive discounts on service agreements, software, and hardware. Consultations are even free, so give us a call. Our technicians will step in and create solutions customized to your organization's IT service needs.

We can help your company keep a high standard quality of care by implementing reliable seamless solutions for storing your company data

Discounted products and services for non-profit organizations

  • Data protection
  • Discounted software
  • Discounted hardware and software support
  • Security and virus protection
  • Discounted managed service agreements
  • Mobile and cloud based services
  • Telecommunication

"ProLink has supported Family Support Center since 2009. We are a 501(c)(3) organization, and every penny saved goes to help children and families. ProLink not only helps us keep costs low through discounts, but through efficient services. Technicians fix our IT problems on the first attempt, which saves us time and money."
- Family Support Center