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The Internet can be a hostile environment IT networks. But salt lake city managed internet protection from ProLink IT Solutions build an impenetrable barrier around your most important business assets – your data – to protect you from threats to business productivity. Our Utah managed internet protection complete systems monitoring and proactive responses to block, detect, alert, report, and respond to any kind of incident or threat which may occur. Infected computers reduce productivity and can be expensive and time-consuming to fix. Network security starts with your access to the internet, so every system comes loaded with a variety of internet security features. Managing access to the internet is provided by Vision Sentinel Security, where a multifaceted system protects you and your client’s data from external threats.

Most of the businesses rely on internet and therefore internet security must be their first preference. But internet security is very complicated. A properly managed internet protection can be great option for ensuring that you get the best business experience. Rather than a number of stand alone security solutions, a well managed internet protection can be more easy and helpful. Salt Lake City's managed internet protection can keep your internet safe from viruses, worms and Trojans for the best IT protection. In Utah, managed internet protection can filter access to illegal, harmful and virus infected online content. It can also safeguard your data from data corruption or any other threat using our best cloud backup solutions. A properly managed internet protection and data encryption, you can also restore any lost data very easily. Managed Internet Protection Services:

  • Firewall
  • Internet Content Filtering
  • Gateway Based Anti-Virus
  • Gateway Based Anti-Spyware/Greyware
  • Gateway Based Anti-Spam
  • Network Based Intrusion Prevention & Detection
  • Server uptime Monitoring
  • Cloud backup solutions
  • SAAS solutions
Contact ProLink IT Solutions to get the best managed internet protection in Salt Lake City at the most competitive prices. We are widely known service providers in Utah that offer best monitoring, all time support and best reporting. Our professional work for dealing with anti-viruses, intrusion prevention systems, online filtering, optimum maintenance and superior customer support. Contact us today to get the best options to keep your data protected and safe from any threat. You can have peace of mind that with experts, your data is safe and the protection systems are up to date.

"ProLink watches out for its clients. The company recommended that we purchase a back-up device that literally saved the day a few weeks later when a programming error resulted in the deletion of several files. We were back up and running a few hours later, as if nothing had happened, thanks to ProLink's recommendation.
- Innophos Nutrition